From Akbar’s Din-i-ilahi to Geelani’s Din-i-Pakistani

As the news of the son of Taliban’s emir taking part in a fidayeen mission and getting killed in the process was sinking out came another news on July 21, which all the national newspapers of Kashmir carried.  Syed Ali Geelani, chairman of the Hurriyat Conference, lambasts all those who criticise Pakistan and desecrate its flag.

It is an important statement, and has in all probability come after he must have seen the video of how the family of Sajad Gilkar, a resident of hard core pro-Pakistan Nowhatta area, throw away the Pakistani flag, which a few people tried to shroud on his body after he was killed along with his two accomplices in an encounter with the police and army.

In this statement, Mr Geelani takes on many things. He is worried about the desecration of a flag that is being replaced with the flag that bears the Kalima! Geelani should have ideally endorsed this flag since it bears the Kalima, and being a votary of azaadi baria Islam should have told his followers to take up this flag because it is free from nationalism and factionalism, and one where the Indian state would have got no excuse that the Tehreek in Kashmir is Pakistan sponsored.

“Those relying on negative propaganda against Pakistan are hurting sentiments of both Muslim community and Islam,” Geelani.

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In the same statement, Mr Geelani makes Islam synonymous with the state of Pakistan! He says, “(T)hose relying on negative propaganda against Pakistan are hurting sentiments of both Muslim community and Islam.” Now how is any negative propaganda against Pakistan hurting Islam, leave the Muslim community aside? Has the Quran decreed that Pakistan is the abode of Islam? Is there any Hadith that mentions that hurting the state of Pakistan is hurting Islam? How are then Islam and Pakistan synonymous with each other? What is in Pakistan that makes it synonymous with Islam? Is there any harmain shareef or Masjid-i-Aqsa in the land of Pakistan?  The land of Pakistan was taken in the name of Islam. It was a clear rejection of nation state that the Congress party of India was vying for. But after getting the land in the name of Islam, where is Islam in Pakistan. Seventy years of its existence it has not been able to implement sharia, yet for Mr Geelani Pakistan and Islam are synonymous! Take a look at how Islamic the state of Pakistan is. It’s present army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa, is considered Qadiani, who has been unanimously declared non-Muslims.

Its first foreign minister Chaudhry Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan was Qadiani. The first Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Marshal Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry was Qadiani. There are so many examples of Qadianis holding the important position in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Mr Geelani may have forgotten that in the 1400 history of Muslim, no matter how tyrannical a king never ever did anyone hand over their community’s daughter to the enemy. But the Islamic Republic of Pakistan proudly arrested neuro scientist Dr Affia Siddiqi and handed her over to the infidel USA.  Still, Islam and Pakistan are synonymous!

Mr Geelani in his press note also asserts to those who are fighting in the Middle East that, “(P)eople instead of serving the cause and liberating Palestine and Masjid Aqsa from oppressors are slaying Muslims, thus have no mandate to represent Islam and the Muslim community.” This is an outrageous comment from a person of Geelani’s stature who has authored numerous books. First, Israel is a nuclear country. It has a 70-year-old existence.

 “How are you expecting that organisations be it al Qaeda or the Islamic State is going to liberate Palestine and Masjid Aqsa?”

The Middle East powers including Egypt and barring Iran in combination haven’t been able to penetrate it. How are you expecting that organisations be it al Qaeda or the Islamic State is going to liberate Palestine and Masjid Aqsa? Do you think that the Jewish state of Israel is waiting for Muslims with garlands there? Do you know, Mr Geelani, how Saladin liberated these two places? He had to fight both against the Muslim principalities and Shia kingdom. Once he secured his flanks then he was successful in liberating these two places? And is there any Hadith, since you are an Islamic scholar, that Muslims have to first liberate these two places than their jihad would be accepted? And what is your opinion of Saladin fighting it out with Muslims and Shia for the liberation of Masjid Aqsa? Is he not representing Islam and Muslim community?

This is a sheer propaganda of Iran which brackets them as an agent of Israel and USA, and the same country pied pipers that why are not these organisations attacking Israel! Has Iran done it herself? Has Iran ever launched any missile toward Israel? On what basis Mr Geelani mixes up al Qaeda with ISIS? Where has al Qaeda massacred Muslims? The Islamic State fights against al Qaeda as well. They are poles apart from each other. Why is the Hurriyat trying to confuse people? What kind of a Muslim scholar slanders those who claim to fight in the way of Allah without any research?

Now coming to your another claim that “(F)orces are maligning the ongoing freedom movement, and have started a feverish campaign against pro-freedom leadership and (the) ideology of Pakistan”. Those who criticise the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are reminding people of the ideology for which Pakistan was created. It was created for Islam and in rejection of nation state that India is. What kind of Islam is in Pakistan? What vices are in India that is not taking place in the state of Pakistan? It has been 70 years and yet there is no sharia in Pakistan! Which Islam made them massacre their fellow Muslims in Bangladesh? Which Islam told them to bombard the region of Swat after the Pakistani Parliament allowed it to have sharia law?

Which Islam permitted them to help infidels against the Muslims of Afghanistan? Which Islam guided them to hand over their daughter in the prison of infidels? Which Islamic book allows Pakistanis to sell alcohol. Which Hadith allows their legislators to bring wine bottles inside the Parliament.

Still, you have the audacity to make Islam synonymous with Pakistan! What is the difference between you and Sheikh Abdullah in myth making? His followers made the people of Kashmir to sing la ilaha illah suffixing it with his name! What different are you doing? Whatever you say are populist things which are good for winning elections. But Kashmiris are oppressed people. They need statesmen who can create future leaders, thinkers and policy makers, those who do not consider it their part of emaan to defend wrong things of any stalwart leader.

In the same press note, Mr Geelani says that seeking help from the infidel nations or their institutions is not un-Islamic. The newspaper quotes him, “Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) too documented various treaties with Jews, Christians and other non-Muslim communities and accorded full honours to these agreements.” There is no doubt that the Prophet (SAW) conducted treaties with the non-Muslims. But did he seek any help from the infidels to resolve the issues of Muslims? Did any Companions of the Prophet (SAW) seek help from infidels to resolve the issues of Muslims? Importantly were Kashmiris’ consent taken before the issue was taken to the UN? It was not Pakistan but the Hindu India which took the matter of Kashmir to the UN, so how is it Islamic?

Sixteen years ago when the world’s largest coalition of armies and technology came together to fight against Muslims of Afghanistan who were no match for it, the head of the Taliban was asked, “If you fight America with all your might-can the Taliban do that? Won’t America beat you and won’t your people suffer even more?”

Mullah Omar replied: “I’m very confident that it won’t turn out this way. Please note this: there is nothing more we can do except depending on almighty God. If a person does, then he is assured that the Almighty will help him, have mercy on him and he will succeed.”

But in our part of Kashmir, the leader propounds his faith on Din-i-Pakistani rather than on Allah. In the 17th century, Emperor Akbar propounded Din-i-ilahi (a mixture of Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and Islam) to keep his kingdom intact, 450 years later Geelani comes up with Din-i-Pakistani to save the sinking Hurriyat Corporation.


The writer is a resident of Srinagar, Kashmir.  Views are personal.