The whorls of that ‘flower’

O ye the mortal souls,
I want to unfurl those whorls,
The whorls of that flower,
The whorls of that bower,
That once blossomed!
That once flourished!

A paradise of pleasure!
Of no count, no measure!
A promised land-
A true humanity band!
A true beauty and no beguile!
That ‘flower’ was truly versatile!


Beauty attracted the worst demon!
And it started to induce its venom!
Such occasions arose in that paradise!
That innocent people got sacrificed!
Not once twice or thrice!
But sadly a million times!
The bloom of youth was snatched!
And the flower blanched!
It lost the colour it owned!
“We fear its death” people told.
The harsh winds never paused!
Blood curdling stories they caused!
Being alive became hardest!
And blood became cheapest!
Fathers, elders were bludgeoned to death!
This fuelled the blooming youth with wrath!
Modest women were raped!
Innocent children were raked!
Mother lost her only son!
Sisters lost their only brother!
Children lost their innocent father!
Newly wed bride lost her groom!
Fetus wailed in mother’s womb!
Life wasn’t easy by choice or fate-
Eventually filled people with rage and hate!
The streets got decorated with stones!
“We want freedom” roads echoed such tones!
The flower which stood high which utmost decorum-
Now blood stains decorated its bosom!
The flower lost its balance and got unfit!
As black thick clouds covered it!
The venom inside!
The storm outside!
The cloud upside!
The blood besides!
Braving the bitter wounds, it still stood!
Bullets never distinguished between bad or good!
Human took human life!
Used pellets, bullets, and even a knife!
Some were blinded and others left lame!
Some took pleasure in playing the death game…

Almost twenty seven years left,
and the clock still ticks,
The demon and the flower
still contradict!
Blood letting still prevails!
Shower of pellets still hails!
Each night that mother, that father
Each night that sister, that brother
Hang their heads in the dark!
“We want justice”-with red eyes they remark!

Although their work on earth is done-
Their life in heaven has just begun!

Things would get better, I have been told!
Hope is still with us, I have been told!

With those few words, I bite my fear.
With those few hopes, I wipe my tear.
But yes, the grief of loss
would never be old!