7 woman doctors got transfer from this Kashmir hospital in one year! know why

The government rule makes it mandatory for a doctor to remain posted at a hospital for at least two years. But at a sub district hospital in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pattan seven woman doctors have been transferred in one year. Here is why.

The health department has “illegally” transferred at least seven women doctors in the sub district hospital in Pattan in a year, which is against the norms formulated by the department. As per the service rule, no one can get a transfer before serving two years at the hospital where they are deputed.

Dr Farzana, Dr Nahida, Dr Nadiya, Dr Kamar-ul-Nisa, Dr Zeenat, Dr Rukaya, Dr Naqsheeba, and Dr Mehbooba Kousar have been illegally transferred to the different hospitals of their choice before spending two years of their service in the sub district hospital. Forget years they managed transfers in months.

According to a media report, a Grade-B Gynecologist post is lying vacant in the hospital from the last two years. “The post was filled by the higher officials but after two months, Dr Mehbooba Kousar who was appointed on the post was illegally transferred to sub district hospital in Char.

The report says all the woman doctors “have political backing” due to which illegal transfers take place. The patients say that the hospital does not have satisfactory strength of the doctors. “Whenever we visit the hospital for the treatment, we don’t get it due to the lack of doctors here. The authorities are forcing us to spend hefty money in private clinics,” patients say.

The Block Medical Officer in Pattan, Dr Aadil Kangoo, summed up his helplessness in this way.  He says that “he is doing what he is being asked to do.” He, however, says that he doesn’t have any information regarding the woman doctors who have been earlier transferred from the hospital.

Even the minister for state for health, Asiea Naqash is clueless. She told a news gathering agency she will investigate into the matter and will call the director health. “I have no information about it but I will look into the matter and will come up with the facts at earliest,” Naqash says.