Kashmir minister: hydropower project inaugurated by Modi illegal

In a shocking revelation, a Jammu and Kashmir minister on Friday said that the 240 MW Uri-II Hydro Electric Project inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no license to operate.  


Minister for health and medical education Taj Mohiuddin accused National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) of having a ‘long history of deceits’ in Jammu and Kashmir. “The NHPC had applied for license for this projects which was inaugurated by Modi today but the license has not been issued because NHPC has not completed any formalities so far,” the Congress leader said. 


Taj said that NHPC has started the project without any license. “NHPC was supposed to obtain the license under Jammu and Kashmir Water Resources Act but they have not completed the formalities. NHPC authorities have no respect for the local laws.”


He alleged that NHPC has always deceived the state of Jammu and Kashmir. “There is an agreement between the state government and the central government wherein NHPC was supposed to construct a bridge, set up a stadium, construct a bus stand besides providing employment to the local youth. But the NHPC authorities have failed to implement this agreement. They have not done anything,” Taj who as minister for PHE and irrigation had taken a tough stand against NHPC last year.


Taj said that he as the minister for PHE and Irrigation had written to Prime Minister’s during Dr Manmohan Singh’s period informing the PMO that the NHPC has not obtained any license for the project so Dr Singh should not give his consent to inaugurate the same. “I had conveyed the PMO that inauguration of this project will create a new controversy,” the minister for health and medical   revealed.


When asked that what action the state government will take if the NHPC has violated the state laws, Taj said: “The government can close the project.” He added that people of Uri will now approach the High Court through a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against the NHPC very soon.