‘Harud’ in censor trouble over ‘Aazadi’ background

Harud, a film by Kashmir-born Aamir Bashir which took three to four years in the making, has run in to rough waters after the the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) objected to a scene that has the protagonists against a backdrop that reads: Aazadi.

The film barely three weeks away from release, Bashir has to compromise in terms of releasing its promos in theatres.

Surprisingly enough, while the censors have taken objection to the promos, the film has been approved and given a U/A certificate, with the controversial scene intact.

Bashir confirmed the news and added, “As tax payers, it is absurd. Once they okay the film, how can they do this? I have decided not to run the trailer as a matter of principle. There is so much work pending with the film slated for a July 27 release. I can’t make changes to what they have already seen and approved.”

“There are no visual cuts but there are dialogue cuts. Now with the promo to be released in theatres, they have a problem with the visual,” sources said.

Harud revolves round Rafiq and his family, who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of Rafiq’s elder brother, one among the many youngsters who have disappeared since the onset of militant insurgency in Kashmir.

The source said, “The Censor Board wants to now send this film to the revising committee. For a short-budget film, this is an additional cost. Aamir is miffed and has refused to oblige. He has decided not to run the promos in theatres. Rather, he will put up the promos online.