Is there a positive side to worrying?

A new study by a psychology professor at the University of California – Riverside shows that there is a positive side to worrying.   “Worry ̵

Younis Khan hospitalised for suspected dengue

Test cricketer Younis Khan, who was hospitalized a day earlier after suffering from high-grade fever, has improved fast and may be discharged in a day or two, fri

New drug may treat both diabetes and bone loss

Researchers have developed a new class of compound that has shown promise in treating both diabetes and bone disease. In addition to its more obvious ills, Type-2

Here’s how brain controls habits

An international team of researchers has revealed how the brain makes and breaks a habit. Working with a mouse model, the University of California San Diego team

New treatment for pancreatic cancer developed

British researchers have developed a new method for treating pancreatic cancer which enables the body’s immune system to attack and kill cancer cells.   Th