Ganderbal town decries poor Airtel service

The residents of Saloora and its adjoining areas today complained poor data and cellular service by #BharatiAirtel. The #subscribers said that poor signal strength on #Airtel network had been giving them tough time for past some weeks.

Residents said that technical problems with Airtel network has left them troubled espically tower at #Wanipora #Saloora.

“We are paying huge bills to the company, but it is not taking care to give us standard service,” they said. “We have many times raised the issue with the Airtel authorities, but except the Complaint numbers, noting has been done actually to improve the service,” Umar, a subscriber from Saloora Said.

“Whether it is the cellular service or the internet connectivity poor signal and slow speed gives us a tough time,” said a subscriber. “The company has a large customer base in Ganderbal district and is getting cores of rupees as rent yet its service is not satisfactory,” added another customer Moulvi Aijaz Bhat. “We are facing immense problems due to frequent call drops and poor network and connectivity espically in Saloora,” they added.