‘My inputs to army led to killing of militants’

A day after a youth was shot at in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shupian, his ‘confessional video’, admitting ‘to informing the army about the movements of militants’, has gone viral on the social media.

Unknown gunmen had shot at Kifayat Bashir Mir in the district’s Pinjur late on Sunday.

The 3:20 minute video of a shirtless Kifayat, who is recuperating at a hospital, is doing rounds on the social media platforms.

The police, in a press release, on Sunday said: “terrorists abducted a young man Kifayat Bashir Mir son of Bashir Ahmad  resident of Mool Chitragam and fired upon him from a close range leaving him critically injured.”

“Initial investigation reveals the complicity of outlawed outfit LeT in the said attack,” the police had said.

In the video, a man, who is not in the frame, is asking questions to Kifayat, who reveals that he ‘had tipped off the army about the movement of militants in Pohan village’.

Two Lashkar-e-Toiba militants and four ‘aides’ were killed in a gunfight with the army late night on March 4 in Pohan.

An Army statement, issued on March 5, on the incident read: “A joint Mobile Vehicle Check Post near Pohan (Shopian) was fired upon by terrorists at 2000 hrs from a vehicle. In retaliatory firing, one terrorist identified as Shahid Ahmad Dar S/o Mushtaq Ahmad Dar R/o Jamnagri, Shopian was killed and a weapon has been found with him. Also the three OGWs/ accomplices in the car who were accompanying the terrorist were found to be dead. Police has reached the spot and started legal formalities.”

The senior superintendent of police in Shupian, Shriram Ambarkar, told Kashmir Dispatch: “We have taken note of the video. We will make it part of the investigation into the attack on Kifayat.”

Text of interrogation:

Man not in picture: what is your name?

Kifayat: Kifayat Mir.

Man not in picture: Kifayat Mir, speak louder. Where do you live?

Kifayat: Mool, Chitragam.

Man not in picture: did you spy?

Kifayat: yes.

Man not in picture: where did you inform?

Kifayat: Encounter in Pohan.

Man not in picture: Pohan? How many brothers were ‘martyred’ there?

Kifayat: two militants, four civilians. One militant was from Rathpur and another was from Kellar, civilians were from Langantar, Pinjur, Milgund and Mool.

Man not in picture: So you informed on them? Did you have any information?

Kifayat: information, we had to come from a far off place…

Man not in picture interjects: did you work with them (militants)?

Kifayat: yes, I used to work with Lashkar and also with Hizb.

Man not in picture: speak louder, speak louder.

Kifayat: my car met with an accident in Aedhal, but we moved ahead till Waeterpal, but my car lights were damaged and it was dark. I couldn’t move ahead. So, I told them, I can’t move ahead and they (militants) arranged another car. So, they left in that car.

Man not in picture: So, they (militants) took another car from there?

Kifayat: yes..

Man not in picture interjects: then how did you…

Kifayat: then I informed.

Man not in picture: okay. Whom did you inform police or army?

Kifayat: army.

Man not in picture: okay

Kifayat: because they had really troubled me.

Man not in picture interjects: okay. Did you get money, how much money did you get?

Kifayat: No money. They had tortured me once. I was also informed about, I mean someone had told them about me. The man who spied on me might have taken money. They (army) told me we have information that you do this work (help militants). So, that became the reason that compeled me to do this (informing army).

Man not in picture: so, then you gave information about them?

Kifayat: that is why, I am requesting militants and their families that in future this mistake should never happen, because the Almighty is watching and this is not that work…

Man not in picture interjects: how many brothers you got killed?

Kifayat: six

Man not in picture: six brothers you got killed. Tell me, did we (militants) force you to say anything?

Kifayat: No, but they (army) did force me..

Man not in picture interjects: No listen to what I am saying. Did we (militants) ask you to record this video message. Are you accepting that you informed about militants?

Kifayat: yes, I accept.

Man not in picture: speak louder..

Kifayat: I accept that I informed about militants.

Man not in picture: we didn’t force you to do this… Speak louder..

Kifayat: yes, I accept.

Man not in picture: you accept, we didn’t force you…

Kifayat: this is a huge favour on me. Rest, I appeal to people, militant brothers that I will not do this again.