Jammu-based leader to Interlocutor: even peanut seller in Lal Chowk knows why you are in Kashmir

Sharma is known to have a compassionate view on the sufferings of the conflict-hit state, says government sources

A senior Jammu-based pro-India leader Thursday flayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and New Delhi appointed interlocutor on Kashmir dispute Dineshwar Sharma telling the latter that “using the former Intelligence Bureau chief for interlocution for Gujarat election stands exposed even to a hawker who sells peanuts at the Lal Chowk” in the disputed region’s summer capital Srinagar.

Bhim Singh, the founder of National Panthers Party, questioned the Indian  government’s Interlocutor “about his secret mission to Kashmir and Jammu”. Singh questioned Interlocutor Sharma, a retired Director in the Intelligence Bureau to spell out what are his talks in Kashmir, which he described as ‘Peace Talks’.

Singh asked the “Modi’s representative to tell the people of this country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari whether the Prime Minister of India would send his special missionary to talk to the separatists in any part of the country and whether a separatist deserves a royal treatment or jail according to the Indian Penal Code”.

“However, Indian Penal Code nor the Constitution of India is applicable to the Indian citizens in J&K and that’s why Dineshwar Sharma, the fifth Interlocutor has been deputed to J&K who unfortunately does not understand even the geography and political framework of J&K,” he remarked.

Singh said Sharma’s focus is on the youth of J&K. “Is he aware about the situation of thousands of minor youth in J&K? Does he know how many of them are rotting in the prisons of Kashmir? Does he know that the Fundamental Rights are not available to the Indian citizens in J&K?”

“Sharma ji is blaming some video channels who have done lot of damage to Kashmir least realizing that he is Interlocutor of Jammu and Kashmir and not Kashmir,” Singh said in a press release.

“Sharma ji has been used as sacrificial goat (bali ka bakra) by Modi Govt. only because Modi ji has his mission Gujarat more important to him than mission India in J&K,” he claimed.

Singh counseled Sharma to return to New Delhi with files and try to understand Jammu and Kashmir situation which India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and presently Dr. Karan Singh, the son of Jammu and Kashmir’s erstwhile autocrat understood. “Using retred Director of IB for Gujarat poll stands exposed even to a hawker who sells peanuts at the Lal Chowk, Srinagar,” he said.

“Can Hon’ble RSS Prime Minister tell his own party what proposition earlier Interlocutors had put forth during past 70 years vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir?” he asked.