After Rahul Gandhi, JKLF chief Yasin Malik invokes ‘Gabbar Singh’ to attack Modi

After Rahul Gandhi, the vice president of India’s opposition Congress Party, invoked a Hindi Cinema villain character from a popular film, Sholay, to attack the country’s prime minister over the implementation of a controversial tax regime, a senior dissent leader in Jammu and Kashmir, Muhammad Yasin Malik, has also invoked the movie character Gabbar Singh to attack New Delhi over alleged threats by tax probing agencies to him.

Malik, who heads the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, in a press conference in the region’s summer capital, Srinagar, said: “Heirs of Maqbool Butt (JKLF co-founder who was sent to gallows at New Delhi’s Tihar Prison) cherish incarcerations and gallows, intimidating them by so-called notices and threats will never work.”

Malik, while responding to India’s Enforcement Directorates reported notice to him, said: “India wants to use Gabbar-Singh-approach to finish our resistance but is bound to fail.”

The former militant commander said: “…no notice has yet reached him or anyone else. Seemingly this has been first disclosed to the media for initiating a media trial as usual.”

Congress Vice President had earlier referred to Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s new tax regime – the Goods and Services Tax– as Gabbar Singh Tax.

“This is the realty of these farce cases which are only furnished to settle political vendetta, and threaten political resistance and force people to join so-called talk shows on gun point,” said Malik.

India recently appointed a former head of spy agency, Dineshwar Sharma, as a new interlocutor and mandated him to talk to all the stakeholders in the disputed Himalayan region where an anti-India insurgency is in the third decade.

Malik said that the case that has been referred to in media is of March 2001. “At that time a drama was played to arrest me, as Indian state was too annoyed on the formation of a parallel Independent Election Commission by United Hurriyat Conference. Indian rulers were annoyed because that election commission was my proposal and if it would have been allowed to work, the so-called issue of representative character world have been settled for once and all,” the JKLF chif said.
The show cause notice to the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief and a Srinagar-based couple was issued recently by the central probe agency under provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, reports had said.

The Enforcement Directorate has issued a FEMA notice to Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik and two others for alleged forex violation of Rs 48.23 lakh, media reports had said.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Yasin Malik addresses a press conference in Srinagar. (File Picture)


It is a orchestrated drama and I was arrested from Srinagar and immediately shifted to Jammu. I was tortured and put behind the bars under black law POTA. After some months I was presented before POTA court in Jammu and I told the honorable judge that authorities in Delhi are claiming that the dollars were handed over by one Altaf Qadri to Mushtaq Ahmad Dar in Nepal. If Delhi proves that Altaf Qadri had travelled to Nepal, I will have no objection in accepting the charges. I told judge sahib that if Delhi believes that Altaf Qadri was traveling on fake passport but still that passport and his visa form must have had his photograph and because of the cordial relations of Delhi with Kathmandu, it was not hard for Delhi to get those documents. On this argument POTA court granted me bail but it is worth to mention that the case is pending before they said POTA court from last 16 years and regular hearings are being held on monthly basis. He said that even Jammu Kashmir high court was approached by the government to cancel the statements of the co-accused in this case, who in front of POTA court denied all the charges and displayed the torture marks by police to get their confessional statements at that time, which honorable high court had rejected. JKLF chairman said that a case is being heard in a court from 16 years and it has yet to be concluded but a parallel case is being initiated from Delhi, in the same case which is in itself a mockery of justice and legal system JKLF chairman said that actually ED notice which has been talked of in today’s papers is a sample of how Indian agencies, forces and legal system is run and used by Indian rulers according to their whims and wishes against peaceful resistances in Kashmir; This is the reality of NIA led campaign also.”

He said this “is what is called as Gabbar Singh approach as Indians want us to talk with a gun on our heads and if we say no, they come up with so-called notices and cases to intimidate and penalize us”.