Amid discord, Zakir recalls Afzal Guru in latest audio message

Militant commander Zakir Musa, who quit Hizbul Mujahideen two days ago, today vowed to fight India, saying all militants in field are united and won’t let Indian agencies to reap benefit from mutual differences.


In an audio message released on social media, Zakir thanked his critics and said:”I am thankful to all those who raised fingers on me and abused me without understanding my point. I am very thankful to you (critics) and many of my sins would have been forgiven.”


The militant commander said that active militants in field are united and they too are fighting for implementation of Shariah. “In the field – all praise to Allah – all our mujahideen brothers have same intent which I said. They too have slogan of ‘Shariyat ya Shahadat’ (Shariah or martyrdom). I request all brothers to maintain love and unity,” he said.



He said all mutual differences would be set aside and focus will be to push away India from Kashmir. “We won’t allow India and its agencies to reap benefit from our differences,” he said. Reiterating his stand, Zakir urged militants not to be nationalists or followers of any outfit.



He said he wants to assure “all those brothers who are unhappy at me for leaving Hizb that I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and our motive and slogan is only one which is ‘Shariah or martyrdom’”. “I think I did not deserve to be your ‘Ameer’ and God willing Allah will send you a very good Ameer. My slogan is Shariah or martyrdom and I am with you on this slogan,” he said.


He said so far there have been no differences between militants in Kashmir and neither will they occur in future. “Rest we have only one slogan and that is Shariah or martyrdom,” he asserted. Zakir asked people to remain aware about the acts of “Indian agencies who will try to benefit from our differences”.



He said so far they have not taken any money from anyone nor in future we will do that. “If anyone comes to you seeking money in my name, you should understand that he is the man from Indian agency. We have not done anything wrong and neither will we do anything. Push them away if they come to you,” he said.


Zakir said if they “kill any hypocrite” they will release a video for public information to avoid confusion and differences. He said he will stand by all those with those whose slogan is ‘Shariah or martyrdom’ and who shout ‘Kashmir banega Darul-Islam’.



Zakir strongly opposed accession with “un-Islamic regime” of Pakistan and said: “Rest, those who want accession with ‘Taghoot system’ I am and I will be against them. But first we will push away India,” he said.


He thanked global Jihadist outfit Al Qaeda for their support for Zakir’s stand on Islamic struggle and said he too supports them for their struggle.“I am thankful to Al Qaeda who supported our Shariyat or martyrdom slogan in Nawai-e-Afghan magazine. Insha Allah we are also with them till our slogan is Shariah or martyrdom.”


Zakir strongly opposed groups working under Pakistani regime and said he doesn’t need their support. He said he doesn’t know any outfit by the name of Harkatul Mujahideen and Kashmiri Taliban. “I want to tell them that I don’t support of those who work under the un-Islamic system of Pakistan…My Allah is enough for me. If they are intelligence agencies, then I want to tell them you cannot befool us,” he said.


Zakir asked both the outfits that he won’t join them and will work under the ‘flag of Tawheed’. “Don’t try to hope that I will join any such outfit. We will work under the flag of Tawheed, the flag of Allah,” he said and praised Afzal Guru for opposing ‘Jihad whose direction would be towards UN and US”.



“May Allah accept martyrdom of Afzal Guru as he in his book Ayina writes that any Jihad whose direction will be towards ‘Dajjal’ (anti-Christ) UN and America is no Jihad,” Zakir said. He asked people to ponder over his remarks and vowed to continue his fight.

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