Full text: Now, Zakir quits Hizb, talks about Geelani and secular state

Zakir Musa succeeded Burhan Wani after later died fighting the armed forces last year.

After his organisation, the Hizb ul Mujahedeen, issued a veiled threat to Zakir Musa, the Kashmir fighter currently heading the insurgent movement in this disputed region has issued a fresh statement. Here is the full text:

Zakir Musa reacts to Hizb warning: full text of his speech

After my last audio message, lot of confusion is being spread in Kashmir. I stand by my speech and by my message. It doesn’t bother me what others say, but I stand by my speech.

But, see I have had not said anything against a particular person or Geelani. I have said only against those individuals who are against Islam and talk about fighting for secular state.

If we are fighting for secular state, then I think we cannot be martyrs. I know we have to first fight for freedom and push out Indian army which has occupied us. But, our intention should be that we have to achieve ‘azadi’ to establish Islamic rule and not for secular state.

If we are fighting for secular state then my blood won’t be spilled for that purpose.

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What I said about hanging was not about All Parties Hurriyat Conference leaders but moderates who say after azadi we will establish a secular state. Because I know if we get freedom from India then we will have to fight those who support secular state. It may be early, according to you, but, saying this was necessary.

I am hopeful Allah is with me, even if no one supports me. Rest, I stand on my statement.

If the intention of Geelani and others is freedom for Islam and imposition of Shariah after freedom, then I am not against them. One thing everyone is saying if someone kills APHC people then blame would come on me. But, will we kill anyone randomly. When we have to kill anyone, then we will say that publicly first and declare it publicly so that no Indian agency reaps benefit from it. Rest, I stand by my statement.

I have already said that we are fighting for ‘Azadi baraye Islam’, I am fighting for freedom for Islam. My blood will spill for Islam and not for secular state.

Hizbul Mujahideeen has said that they have nothing to do with my statement. So, if Hizbul Mujahideen doesn’t represent me than I also don’t represent them. From today onwards, I have no association with Hizbul Mujahideen.

And one more thing, they say ISIS and Al Qaeda. Neither I know anything about ISIS or Al Qaeda. Nor can I say they are wrong because I have not done any research on them. I don’t get much time for research. But I cannot call them wrong. But I also cannot trust those who are sitting on their mattresses, eating sweets and issuing fatwas against them (ISIS and Al Qaeda). I also cannot say whether they are right or wrong because I have not done any research or read about them. If saying we should not pin hopes on any person but only and only on Allah makes me Al Qaeda, ISIS or Indian agent then indeed I am a an agent.

Rest, living and dying is in the hands of Allah. There is no trust on life. If tomorrow I won’t be alive but remember fight only for Islam, not for any secular state. Those who understand my point know I am saying truth. Some people will interpret my remarks incorrectly. But my intention was not wrong. I am not against any particular individual.

I meant to say that till we don’t pin all our hopes on Allah then we won’t get azadi even if we have nuclear weapons and other weaponry. So we should pin all hopes on Allah. If we keep pinning hopes on these humans, on ‘Taghoot’ then we won’t get Azadi ever. Remember this.

God Willing, our blood will spill for Islam only. This is not any secular freedom struggle for us but only an Islamic struggle. I stand by statement. Only I have to say that my hanging remark is for those who support secular state but those who support freedom for Islam, I stand by them.

So we have to talk about freedom for Islam. They say I talk about Khilafah but first Indian infidel army is here so I also say that how can we bring Khilafah while being under oppression and forcible occupation. First we have to expel India from here and then impose Shariah here, God Willing.

Whether I live or not…Alhamdillah my heart says I am on truth. Insha Allah, I stand by my statement and from today onwards I am not associated with any group and it will be seen in future who is with me and who is not with me.