Kashmir insurgents: don’t raise Pakistan flags at our funerals, have to wage ‘Jihad’ there too

Naseer Pandith was a policeman before becoming an insurgent.

In an unusual development that hints at major ideological shift in Kashmir insurgency, an insurgent who along with his five to six associates visited the grave of their slain associate in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwom district Friday evening, asked people not to wave ‘un-Islamic’ Pakistani flag during their funeral, saying ‘we have to wage Jihad in Pakistan as well for establishment of Islam’.

Witnesses told Kashmir Dispatch that a group of insurgents appeared at martyrs’ graveyard of Kareemabad village in the southern district to ‘pay respect’ to slain insurgent of Hizbul Mujahideen Naseer Ahmad Pandit – who died in a gun-battle last year on the same day at neighbouring Shupian district along with another commander Waseem Ahmad Malla.

The witnesses said that on the occasion the insurgents fired in air and one of them, whose identity couldn’t be ascertained, addressed people present at the martyrs’ graveyard and made a fiery speech, calling insurgency in Kashmir ‘a fight for implementation of Islam’ and not for any group or Pakistan.

“And listen, we want Islamic system in Kashmir. We have stood up for not any organization or Pakistan but Islam,” the insurgent told the crowd amid the dark.

According to an audio clip of his speech, he said raising Pakistan flags at the funeral of insurgents must stop. This is in contrast to the traditional stand of Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Toiba – the two major outfits fighting in Kashmir against Indian rule.

The insurgent in his speech went on to say that after Kashmir, they would march to India and Pakistan for establishing an Islamic system. “Tomorrow we have to go to India also and we will have to implement system of Islam there. There is no Islamic system in Pakistan and we have to implement Islamic system there also.”

“The point is when we will be one and support Islam, we will be successful. We do love Pakistan because that country was created in the name of Islam. But there is no Islam at present. So, we are unhappy with it. We have to do Jihad with Pakistan as well. We have to do Jihad with India.”

“We have taken up guns for Islam. We have not taken up gun for any nation, country. We want Islamic system here, the system of Quran and not the system of falsehood. And for that, give your blood, life and property,” the insurgent says.

He praises Pakistan’s ‘enemy number one’ – Taliban – for its fight in that country for the implementation of Islam. “Why I asked you to shout slogan of Taliban because Taliban wants Islamic system in Pakistan. We should love Taliban,” he says. Earlier, the locals raised slogans like ‘Long Live Taliban’.

The most important part of the unidentified insurgent’s speech was his warning to the crowd listening to him about waving flag of Pakistan. “And, this Pakistan flag, Listen O my youth carefully, this is about Shariah and Shahadat (martyrdom). We want Shariah and Pakistani flag doesn’t come (in the domain) of Shariah because the Kalimah (Islamic testimony of Allah’s oneness and Prophet Muhammad’s prophethood) has not been inscribed on it.”

“Is Kalimah written on Pakistani flag? The militant asks the crowd, who reply with roaring “no”. He then asks to them make Islamic flag. “Write Kalima on black flag and wave that,” he directed the people. Pertinently black Shahadah flags are waved by Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

The militant speaker also told the crowd: “When I will be martyred and whosoever waves Pakistani flag at my funeral, he will be my enemy. Did you listen?”

He quoted a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and said: “When Ghazwa-e-Hind (Battle of Hind) will occur, Mujahideen will carry…flag inscribed with Kalimah and it will be their identity.”

The militant also asked people not to forget the blood of ‘martyrs’ including Naseer Pandit, Burhan Wani and Aafaq – the slain militant commanders. He urged them to adopt way of Islam and refrain from voting in the upcoming elections.

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