Did Jamaat expel its leader who protested Maqbool hanging?

Here are some facts about Maqbool Bhat’s hanging in 1984. These facts were narrated by Bhat’s friend Azam Inqalabi, who currently is the patron of Jammu and Kashmir Mahaz-e-Aazadi.

Maqbool Bhat’s graffiti on the bund in Summer capital Srinagar.

• It was Radio Pakistan which aired the news at 5:30 (IST) during the day when Maqbool Bhat was hanged but skipped the news during 8:30 (IST) news bulliten about the hanging.

• He said that two days before the execution of Maqbool Bhat, India Pakistan Foreign Secretary meeting was held in New Delhi and probably during the meeting Islamabad gave a green signal to New Delhi to go ahead with the execution of Maqbool Bhat.

• A high profile advocate and a member of Jamat-e-Islami Advocate Muhammad Ashraf organized a protest in Baramulla against the hanging of Bhat. To my surprise and shock, he was expelled from the membership of Jamat-e-Islami by the then Amir-e-Jamat Pir Saiduddin for organizing a protest and expressing solidarity with the family of Maqbool Bhat.

• It was Late Abdul Gani Lone, who was the only pro Indian politician in those days who protested against the hanging of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat.

•After the hanging of Maqbool Bhat people in Kashmir did not protest because Maqbool Bhat was fighting for Independent Kashmir but in Kashmir most of the Pro-Pakistani organizations did not take the matter seriously and remained numb because for them Bhat was pro Kashmiri and not an ardent supporter of Pakistan.