Maqbool Bhat’s letter to his son

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Central Jail, New Delhi

9 October, 1980.

My dear son, Javaid Maqbool Bhat


A few days ago, I got the heart-wrenching message that your noble mother and my wife passed away. (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elayhi Raajoun [1]). It is not difficult for me to imagine the agony and shock that you must have gone through and the intensity of pain you must have suffered especially in my absence. But in the testing time we are going through, there’s nothing that can be done but to have patience and be thankful. It is my duty to stress upon you to remain patient. I hope in this tragic situation, you will keep patience with firmness and control yourself while dealing with daunting situations with humanly endurance. You must have no place for negativity in your life.

Never forget that Allah puts only those people to tests and trails who possess the ability to succeed in them. But to make use of this ability is the prerogative of humans. I believe that you too will make use of your abilities without bowing down your head and will carry your journey on this road of positivity which you have chosen (for your life) [2]. In’Al’aha MaAs’ Saabireen [3]; have a perfect belief in it.

I had received the news of your mother’s death some days ago but I was waiting for more details from you. However, yesterday, I came to know from a condolence letter from one of my friends in London that this fateful incident happened when you were in Faisalabad (Pakistan) for your education. The fact that both of us were deprived of her company when she breathed her last doubled my sorrow. I hope that in future you will inform me in detail about her passing away. And more importantly, you will inform me about her last wishes (if you know of any).

I don’t have to repeat it that after her death, the responsibility of managing our small family lies with you; a family that I had left behind. To save it (family) from breaking apart and to coalesce it in ties of unity is obligatory on you. I hope that you will make no neglect of any sort in fulfilling this duty. You being the eldest son, I have great expectations from you and I believe that you will leave no stone unturned to fulfill the duty.

Through Ghulam Nabi Bhat (Maqbool’s brother who was killed during armed insurgency), I received a letter which you had sent in June in the first week of September. I have dispatched a reply to your letter on Muzafarrabad address. I think if it has been redirected from that address, you must not have been able to get it. Your Faisalabad address was mentioned to me by Hashim Qureshi in his condolence letter, which I received some days ago. So I am dispatching this letter to Faisalabad. I will be happy if you inform me in detail about your educational pursuits and also inform me about the difficulties you are facing.

Since a long time, I have not received any letter of well-being from dear Showkat (his nephew). From one of the recent letter, I received from Gulam Nabi, I came to know that Showkat has passed his matriculation and from one more letter from Peshawar, I was informed that he has taken admission in FSc. I will be waiting to hear in detail about it from you.

I would again emphasize on having patience and advise you to be content. Have belief that after passing through every dark night of oppression one finds the dawn of bliss appearing fully showing its splendid luminescence. Therefore, do not give space to sadness and remorse in your heart and do not make mistake in the path to achieve your independence.

I pray that Allah may always keep bestowing you with his mercy and give you happiness.

Say my ‘Salaam’ to all the friends, nears and dears, rank by rank and love to all the children in the family.

My health as of now is absolutely fine and I am spending my time with patience and thankfulness in times of captivity. There’s no need to get anxious and worry for me because whatever has become of my destiny; to be satisfied over it has become a sign of my belief and determination. Keep praying for me.

Khuda Hafiz


Your Father

Mohammad Maqbool Bhat


1: Maqbool Bhat’s wife Ra’ja Begum was extremely patient and thankful woman. Incarceration of her husband and his activities had caused problems and shocks to her at every stage of her life but Begum bore it. She passed away on 16th, September, 1980 in Abbottabad where she lays buried.

2: Javaid Maqbool Bhat was a student of BSc (Hons) Agriculture in University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

3: Verily, Allah is with the patient ones.