CIA, Mossad active to ‘dissect Kashmir from India’, says Jammu Dogra leader

A pro-India leader from Jammu and Kashmir Friday claimed that the United State’s CIA along with Israeli intelligence was working to disintegrate the disputed state from India.

Prof.Bhim Singh, who heads the J&K National Panthers Party, said: “CIA and its masters got active in seventies and intended to throw Indira Gandhi out of power. It was Gandhi, the then prime minister of India, who saved India from disintegration and chaos in 1975.”

The noted American leadership including Kissinger the then foreign minister of USA had condemned Gandhi and named her as ‘bitch’, Singh, who also practices at the highest court in India, said.

Singh said, in a press release, that a former New Delhi-appointed interlocutor on Kashmir stating that J&K shall sleep out of India in 10 to 12 years reveals that the ‘CIA has not learnt a lesson from the past and it wants to dissect India the way it did with USSR, Yugoslavia and elsewhere’. “It was Anglo-American plan which created a situation for the division of India. Today the CIA and its new ally, Israeli intelligence agency have been trying to create a new situation in north (Kashmir and in the north-east) to provoke a situation for dissecting India the way they did with the USSR,” he claimed.

Singh called on the new generations in the country to beware of the political masters in the respective regions who are working as agents of the foreign interests and agencies with the sole purpose to divide India the way did with USSR, Yugoslavia and elsewhere.