Why Qasim Faktoo won’t congratulate Greater Kashmir editor

Dr Mohammad Qasim aka Qasim Faktoo, who is incarcerated since past two decades, and is considered to be among the prominent anti-India leaders, won’t congratulate Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo, the editor of leading mainstream English daily Greater Kashmir, over his inclusion as a member of the Editors Guild of India. Here is why.

Dr Qasim Speaks:

“Empanelment of the editor of Greater Kashmir and Kashmir Uzma Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo as a member of the Editors Guild of India is not something to be proud of or for which he should be congratulated.

Mr Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo should be proud of the role he played in highlighting the miseries and violations done to the oppressed nation of Jammu and Kashmir during the last 25 years. Without any doubt Greater Kashmir and Kashmir Uzma have been trend setters in modern journalism in Jammu and Kashmir and have created history through its bold, brave and multi dimensional journalism.  Further Mr Fayaz has been at the front on various philanthropic activities which is a great service in itself.

I met him in January 2014 in hospital and told him that Greater Kashmir and Kashmir Uzma have outgrown from being his personal property and have become national assets of Jammu Kashmir people to which he agreed. Question can be asked that when Jammu and Kashmir is not a part of India how can a person or organisation of Jammu Kashmir become part or member of an all India Organisation.

As by being a part of any such organizations, a person has to look after Indian interests as a priority. It could be that by taking Mr Fayaz as a member of Editors Guild of India they want to somehow counter his fierce journalistic prudence. Since politics-of-flattering is prevalent among pro-freedom leaders therefore sometimes they congratulate Indian Administrative Service toppers and sometimes flatter those who receive Indian awards. Pro-freedom and pro-India politicians try their best to be in the good books of media persons so that they get space in their publications.

Without the fear of contradiction, I want to put this on record that the honour of playing an important role in highlighting the sufferings of Kashmir people is enough for Mr Fayaz and it is not an honour for him to be nominated to Editors Guild of India. In fact the inclusion must be disliked.”