Indian police trace body of missing husband from well after wife’s ‘dream’

It took a ‘dream’ or rather a ‘nightmare’ of an elderly woman for the police to recover the body of her murdered husband from a well in India’s Madhya Pradesh. 


The Times of India reported that Chhotelal Sen, 65, resident of districts Kashipura village left home for a prayers on March 24. After a frantic search, his wife Gauri Bai lodged a missing complaint with the police after 10 days. 


On April 21, Sen’s decomposed body was fished out from a well at the village outskirts. 


Interestingly, the body was located following Gauri’s claim that his body might be found in a particular well at the village outskirt. 


“He was murdered and thrown into the well…I saw it in my dream,” The ToI quoted the woman saying.


She told her dream to the police who took it on record and recovered the body. Superintendent of police (SP) Lalit Shakyavar said, “We too were surprised by her dream and subsequent recovery of the body. Everything is on record and before witnesses. We are investigating the case”. 


Gauri claims that her husband was murdered by the same persons who gouged out the eyes of her son three years ago over property dispute and wants the accused arrested. Police have sent samples for detailed forensic investigations. 


“His wife claims that he was abducted and murdered by those who were involved in gouging her son’s eyes. We are investigating the case,” says Uma Shankar, head constable. 


Coincidentally, it was on April 21, 2010 that Gauri son’s eyes were gouged out with a knife and her husband was beaten up by a former village headman and his supporters over a land dispute. 


Her son Pyarelal Sen, was blinded by the former village headman Dayaram Yadav and three others. None of his eyes could be restored. Four people including Dayaram Yadav, Munni Yadav, Surendra Yadav and Milan Yadav were convicted. 


Five others who were named in the case were acquitted following lack of evidence. Gauri claims that that her husband was murdered by those who were acquitted following old rivalry.