42000 graduates, 11000 PGs registered with govt jobless

The problem of unemployment seems to be an unending crisis in Kashmir with the figures revealing more than 6980 post graduates and 29034 graduates registered with government employment exchanges are jobless.


The ruling National Conference and Congress in their respective election manifestos of 2008 had pledged to eradicate the problem of unemployment from the state with the creation of new job avenues for the educated youth.


NC in its page eight of election manifesto had promised to tackle the unemployment problem ‘expeditiously’. It had termed the same ‘alarming’. “It is shameful that scholars with PhD degrees, M.A, Medicine and Engineering should be getting wasted away. We will explore avenues for their adjustment,” reads NC’s manifesto of 2008.


According to the figures revealed by government’s various district employment and counseling centres, valley has 6980 Post Graduates unemployed while as in Jammu the number of registered unemployed Post Graduates is 4094.


The reports inform KNS further that  there are 1622 students searching for jobs who posses PG degrees in various science streams including biotechnology, botany, physics etc. The figure reveals further that valley has 3567 arts post graduates unemployed. The unemployed lot poses degrees in English, Urdu, Political Science etc.


The figures reveal that in valley there are more than 29034 graduates who are unemployed and in Jammu province the number of jobless graduates is 12426. The details inform that Kashmir division has 46703 people jobless who have passed 10+2 in various streams while as in Jammu the number is 27212.


With Jammu and Kashmir reeling under the unemployment crises,  out the total number of two lack forty four thousand jobless educated youth in the state, Kashmir division appears to be worst affected having more than one lakh fifty five thousand of its educated youth educated youth unemployed.


Also there are more than four thousand five hundred registered degree holders of engineering jobless in the state and that the number of unemployed diploma holders is more than eight thousand five hundred.


The reports remarked that there are five thousand five hundred unemployed ITI trained youth jobless in the state.


The details reveal that Jammu and Kashmir has the highest unemployment rate of 4.9% while as in Punjab it is 2.8%, in Himachal Pradesh it is 2.0%, in Delhi it is 4.7 % while as in Haryana it is 3.2% The reports also reveal that in JK, the unemployment rate of females is highest in India. In JK it is 20.20% while as at all India level it is mere 3.7%.


Also in Urban areas of Jammu and Kashmir, the rate of unemployment is 7.8% while as in rural areas it is 3.9%.


As per the census 2001, the literacy rate of the state stood at 55.5%, which has increased further to 68.7 % as per present census 2011.The provisional population ( seven years and above) of the state as per census 2011 is 125.48 lakh persons out of which 72.450 lakh persons are literate.