Kashmir lawmaker recounts VDC terror

A legislator from Jammu and Kashmir, who recently formed the Awami Itihad Party, Tuesday accused government forces of harassing him while he visited riot-hit Kishtwar along with his party leaders. The MLA also recounted the VDC terror in the region.


AIP president Abdul Rashid addressed a press conference in Srinagar today after he was deported forcibly from Kishtwar. 


He said, “His visit to Kishtwar with the AIP senior leader Tanveer Hussain Khan was shocking and that they were harassed both by the police and the army.”


The MLA Langate said, “I managed to reach Kishtwar despite restrictions and visited 12 places where I was able to gather facts directly from the people. However, when the police and army realized that I was a MLA, I was arrested by the police right away and escorted back to Srinagar.  On his way back I was in army custody in two places during late hours at night.” 


He said, “I clearly told them that it was his moral responsibility to visit Kishtwar and show solidarity with people despite the risks that it entailed.”


He said, “I visited Mughal Maidan, Chowngam, Malik Nag, Pahlu and several other places where I interacted with the people from both the communities.  And while in Chatroo, Kishtwar we were stopped by VDCs who were armed and luckily the police were able to rescue us. In Chagam, Kishtwar  people told him that Bashir Ahmad Muchi, a Muslim was burned alive by a Hindu mob and later labelled as a Hindu body.  And in Thatri, Kishtwar people narrated when VDCs men fired indiscriminately at Muslims after Asr prayers, injuring four people critically, and later on did not even allow a chopper to land to take the injured to the hospital.  This clearly shows that the VDCs have been given unbridled powers to kill people and the state administration has shown its weakness by not being able to control them.  Furthermore, it shows that Muslims are not safe in Jammu.  Even the Muslims in the administration are silent in order not to offend NC and Congress.” 


He said, “We will be filing a PIL in the High Court for disbanding VDCs.”


He said, “BJP has instigated this communal violence intentionally in order to gain political mileage for the upcoming assembly elections at the cost of peoples lives.”


He said, “It was the bodyguard of BJP candidate Sunil Kumar in the last assembly elections that started this violence which has been reported in the media as well.   Furthermore, the stand of BJP on Kishtwar violence clearly proves that they have a hidden agenda where they want to damage Congress vote bank in Jammu region on communal lines.” 

He said, “MoS Sajad Kichloo has been used as a scapegoat by Omar Abdullah to save Congress vote bank and please New Delhi. However, people on ground from both communities are saddened and strongly condemn the vote bank politics of NC, Congress and BJP.” 

He further said, “AIP welcomes the statement of BJP senior leader Arun Jaitely that Jammu and Kashmir is not a private property of one family.”


He said, “Yesterday in the Parliament BJP has finally validated the claims of people of Jammu and Kashmir that the instrument of accession was between Abdullah family and New Delhi; and not between the people of Jammu and Kashmir and New Delhi.”