Jammu: Top cop gave rioters free hand, locals allege

Muslims living in Jammu city Monday accused that a top police officer turned a blind eye when they were under attack from rioters, a local news agency reported.


“When zealots were busy in smashing window panes of Janipora, Sarwal, Subhash Nagar and Mastgarh Masjids, only two police officers who despite receiving injuries forced rioters to retreat and protected us from the wrath of fanatics,” a group of residents from Janipora told CNS.


The group claimed that Senior Superintendent of Police Jammu City, Atul Goel switched off his phone and gave rioters a free hand.


The group of prominent people, however, said that Deputy Inspector General Shakil Ahmed Beigh and Deputy Superintendent of Police Kulbir Handa played ‘positive and daring role and did not allow rioters’. “We appreciate the fair role of these two police officers. They assured us and protected us,” one of the residents of Janipora said.


The residents said that although these officers gave us a sense of security but unfortunately police took action only after rioters looted and set our houses on fire.


“At Janipora, rioters burnt shops in presence of police and that surprised us. The role of police and Jammu media is very negative. Some newspapers carried the false news that Muslim youth were seen roaming with swords which is disgusting,” another resident said.


They said that despite repeated requests Deputy Commissioner Jammu Ajit Kumar Sahu did not impose curfew on time. “It was only after rioters looted our shops and razed them to ground that administration imposed curfew. At Subhash Nagar, police gave free hand to rioters and allowed them to loot our property,” a resident said.


President Muslim Action Committee Jammu Mohammad Sharief Sartaj held BJP responsible for the attacks. “This party wants to repeat 2008 when after exploiting people it managed to get votes. BJP has lost ground in Jammu and now it wants to get votes by exploiting people again.