AIP chief visits Kishtwar, says Kitchloo’s resignation late

Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) president Abdul Rashid with his party delegation visited Kishtwar area to show solidarity with the people amid tension and despair.

Terming the resignation of MoS Home Sajad Kichloo as a step to safe guard the ‘so-called’ vote bank, he strongly pointed out that the resignation came belatedly. “This should have been done earlier when the killings at Markhundal and Gool incident took place.”

Furthermore, he said that this resignation is a clear indication that the NC-led coalition has accepted its failure to protect the lives of innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir. “If they feel that it is right for MoS Home to resign over the incidents that took place in Kishtwar then the same steps should have been taken in 2010 when more than 120 Kashmiris were brutally and systematically killed. The resignation of MoS Home is simply to safeguard the vote bank of NC and Congress in the
upcoming elections,” he claimed.

“It is tragic that NC, Congress and BJP are playing vote bank politics at the cost of peoples’ lives.”

The AIP president lambasted the government for not registering any FIR against the people who killed Muslims in 2010 agitation. “Their inaction to deliver justice in 2010 has lead to the recent killings in Kishtwar where the killers feel that they can get away with these killings as they did in 2010.  Yesterday, a Muslim who had taken refuge in the Padar Police station in Jammu region instead of being protected by the police, the VDCs-state sponsored terrorists managed to take him out of the police station and killed him,” he claimed.

“AIP and Kashmiris are quiet so far because they do not want to give the situation in Chenab Valley a communal color. However, the situation can take an ugly turn if the required steps are not taken and the goons are not taken to the task.”

He warned the government that the ‘drama’ of resignation of MoS Home will not fool the people this time.  “Killers should be arrested and VDCs disbanded right away in order to prevent the situation from getting worse,” he said.