Pic | Dead dog for missing boss

Sanitation employees in Sumbal region of North Kashmir Tuesday found a novel way to protests against ‘the callousness of the government’. Around two hundred employees of Sumbal Municipal Committee, who have been deprived of wages since past three months, early morning brought a dead dog and filth from the area and placed it outside the office of the ‘absconding’ Executive Officer.

Bashir Ahmad Ganie, the head of the employees’ union, told Kashmir dispatch that they have not received salary since past three months. “We had no other option. We were driven to take this step,” he said.

The employees said that the Executive Officer, Lateef Ahmad, joined about one month ago and has attended the office for a single day. “He came one day attended the office for five minutes and left,” said Bashir.


He said they have made several representations to the government but to no avail. “Eid is coming and we have no money. We are government employees and the state has a responsibility towards our families,” he added.


The executive officer could not be contacted. But, Directed local and urban bodies Shafat Noor said he was ignorant about the matter. “I will look in to the issue and if found right will sort it out soon,” Noor said.