A letter to Kashmir

Myaanew humwatnaw (My fellow countrymen)

Hope you are breathing. As you “might” know, entire Kashmir is under a constant siege to satisfy the collective conscience of 1.1 billion tourists. This is no surprise because, in their vision, Kashmir is only an attractive tourist package full of fair-skinned terrorists but they fail to realize and recall that British also envisioned their Bhagat Singh as a terrorist. They fail to realize that we were a nation long before they were wiping British butt as Queen’s India. They see our snow but fail to see our blood, smeared over their hands. They savour our apples and almonds but fail to see the fallen children. They see our Parvaiz Rasool but fail to see our Umar Rasool. But then, it doesn’t matter whether they see anything or not because their solidarity is of least importance to us.

Now, the question arises, what should we do?

I suggest us to ‘collect’ our conscience now. The unity of our thoughts & actions is vital for our dream to turn into reality. Our collective conscience, should be clear and should roar for—Aazadi. Our collective conscience should be unadulterated and not necessarily blood-thirsty. Our collective conscience should reflect the ideologies of our martyrs. Our collective conscience should not be exercised at the will of dirty politics. The exercise of our collective conscience should make us fighters not murderers. We have to build this conscience on a selfless base & on the base of brutal honesty. Hypocrisy  and selfishness will not only hinder our cause but will also add to the arsenal of the enemy.

The next step is to be ready for any battle. Enemy is powerful, powerful than ever but it is not strong. If the enemy would have been strong, it wouldn’t have carried automatic rifles against ploughers. If the enemy would have been strong, it wouldn’t have buried our martyrs inside their dungeons. If the enemy would have been strong, it wouldn’t have used anarchy to instigate their “laws”. If the enemy would have been strong it wouldn’t have ‘infiltrated’ seven lakh hell-unleashing savages into our delicate heaven. If the enemy would have been strong, it wouldn’t have sealed off communication and broadcast. If the enemy would have been strong, it wouldn’t have raped our women, charred our children & humiliated our old. If the enemy would have been strong, it would have let us mourn with Tabasum and Ghalib.

Also, let me be straight, we should not expect any help from the “outside”. We should not expect selflessness for Kashmir, from anyone other than a Kashmiri. We should not wait for Ban Ki Moon to give us a hand in our cause. We should not expect a Talib to help us regain our lost nation. We should not expect Christiane Amanpoure to reflect our sufferings and concerns. We should not expect to be on Aljazeera at prime time. We have got no bullion and gasolene my humwatno, no bullion & gasolene. Let’s create our Kashmir with our own sweat and blood. Let’s sew its flag with our own efforts. Let’s compose its anthem with our own melody. Let’s concoct the convictions of Maqbool and build our Kashmir. A Kashmir for a Kashmiri.

My only message humwatno — A Kashmir for a Kashmiri.
A Humwatan.

P.S: While I was writing this letter, a humwatan came over and asked, “Are we resisting”. I asked him,” Are you ready to resist?”. He unhesitatingly replied, “Till my last drop.” I patted on his shoulder and said,”God bless you brother!

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