First girls’ band rocks Kashmir

The first girls band named Pragash is rocking the Kashmir Valley and recently received a standing ovation from the young crowd at the Kashmir Music Festival.

In a first attempt of its kind, three young girls- Huma, the lead vocalist and guitarist, Aneeka who plays base and Farah, who is the drummer, came together six month ago to form the band and want to pursue their career in music

“Girls are usually shy and the only reason we are here is because we have the support of our families. Kashmiri society is conservative, therefore girls cannot move freely outside and it is because of our family support that we are here. It is the valley’s first girls,” said Farah.

The band also hopes to inspire other Kashmiri girls follow their footsteps and pursue a career in music or any other area of interest.</p>

It has only been six to seven months since we have come together and we just hope that more girls take inspiration from us and join this field and they also get to show their talent, said Huma.