Police ‘bar’ screening film on ‘sexual abuse on women’ in KU

The screening of ‘Ocean of Tears’, a documentary by a Kashmir filmmaker which was scheduled to be held today at University of Kashmir was not allowed by the police here.

The movie which is supported by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India was scheduled for its first public screening at university’s convocation hall today.

Talking to Kashmir Dispatch, Bilal Ahmad Jan, said: “We had scheduled to screen this documentary in the university today but soon we were called by police top officials this morning, who informed us that screening of this documentary would not be allowed as some person had complained about its screening.”

“I told police that I had already got the permission from its screening today, but they refused. The story is based on conflict may be that is the reason they aren’t allowing us to screen this documentary,” said Bilal, adding, “police was not clearing the things”.

He further said: “We had arranged everything and at last hour they aren’t allowing us, I told them to show the complain which police claims to have been logged, but they said some person has complained about it on phone to them.”

“The Film chronicles the physical, psychological and sexual violence inflicted on women in Jammu and Kashmir,” said Bilal.

The total duration of the film is 27 minutes and the Ministry of I&B-supported Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) had released its 7-minute excerpts on You-tube in October this year.

The film is produced by Rajiv Mehrotra under the banner of Public Service Broadcasting Trust, New Delhi.

‘Ocean of Tears’ is the first government funded documentary on Kashmir’s human rights crisis. In anticipation of its maiden screening, 12,0000 people watched it on the You Tube so far.

Students of the university were raising slogans against the police when last reports came.