Plastic Caterpillar




I am a plastic caterpillar
Crawling from under the dawn
I welcome the gloomy moonlight 
like the guests of freedom
I am the one who breathes the night
with lungs of love
that shivers the light and the dream 
you can wake by

I summon the darkness to grow the night
Dear child you are known and sane
I am unknown, a strange name, an empty colour
I am a plastic caterpillar
I divide divinity
I give birth to flight of feet
I take the winds on the edge of my nails
I blow my secrets away
I reveal!

I took a ride to the eclipse of night weirdly
With the faces which suddenly disappear 
and give away
I entered the spoiled noon 
with my shiny naked feet
I stood just!
I then took my strange sight 
upon the living candle light which howled 
Yes those rusty red walls, I don’t know
I followed the back of my shadows, and soft talk
Until I saw the light on the end of the beginning
I kept spiraling from end to now!
You know, I began with nothing 
now I have got intentions

Crying from the pores of your head, 
I have got sweat
I have got voices coming from the silhouettes of silence
I have got a bad dream of the beauty
I have got human beings, 
The clowns of reality
I have got now
I have got blur
I have got a strange name with insane walk
I am a plastic caterpillar

[Muin, a 19 year-old boy, studies engineering in Kashmir. The poem is one of the outbursts of the writer within; a break-free.]