Pak ex-envoy delivers lectures on LoC trade at Kashmir varsity

Former ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar and Jordan, Arif Kamal delivered a lecture on cross LoC trade and Educational opportunities at Islamic University of Science and Technology here on Tuesday.

Addressing a gathering of faculty members and students from different departments, Kamal called for “imaginative steps” to make the Cross-LoC Trade, between the divided parts of Jammu & Kashmir successful as it was the first Confidence Building Measure (CBM) for the people and “it has the potential of becoming mother of all the CBMs, taken so far by the two countries”.

He said,“We need to revisit, what is already in the pipeline and all restrictions on the Cross-LoC Trade should be removed.”

He said this “limited opening of borders” between two divided parts of J&K was the point of convergence between India and Pakistan.

For the everlasting peace and stabilization in the region, Kamal said, the Kashmir should become a bridge rather a point of conflict.

“People have the right to achieve peace and progress,” Kamal said.

He further said the people-to-people contact was fundamental for overcoming the prevailing trust deficit between India and Pakistan.

“Sharing of experiences and ideas is important for the stabilisation process,” he said. Besides trade and travel, Kamal called for harnessing educational levels, across the divided parts of the State, as another CBM.

Kamal, a seasoned diplomat, who served the Pakistan Foreign Service for 34 years, is presently Director of the Global Studies Centre at the Institute Of Strategic Studies, National Defence University, Islamabad. Besides students and faculty members, former Vice Chancellor of the IUST, Prof Siddiq Wahid was also present on the occasion.