Hurriyat takes on police, says it’s not professional force

In a sharp rejoinder to the allegations of a top police officer,  Hurriyat Conference (G) Friday said the Jammu and Kashmir police had lost its professional competence and claimed that a free and fair probe will find “majority of police officers guilty of extra-judicial killings.”

Earlier this week, Geelani had called for a strike on November 25 to protest what he termed the continued detention of pro-freedom people  including over 50 minors, fresh spurt of arrests in Sopore, Islamabad and Srinagar and torture of inmates at Kot Balwal and Ambphala jails in Jammu.

However, DIG Central Kashmir Range, Abdul Gani Mir, had lashed out at Geelani for “maligning the image of police”, claiming that “majority of the arrestees were detained on grounds of rape, sodomy, theft, out raging the modesty of women, eve teasing, violation of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substance act (Drug Peddling), murder, kidnapping and other heinous social crimes”.

Rubbishing the top cop’s  statement as an attempt to divert attention from “real issues,” the Hurriyat faction said that it had no concern with detention or release of those involved in crimes.

“But we still maintain that more than one thousand pro-freedom leaders are behind the bars in jails in Jammu and Kashmir and outside where they are subjected to ill treatment,” a spokesman of the amalgam said.

“Jammu and Kashmir police doodh ki dhuli nahi hai( the Jammu and Kashmir police is not cleansed by milk) and, if a free and fair probe is carried out, most of its officers will be found guilty of extra-judicial killings and corruption,” the spokesman said.

“Furthermore, corruption has become a routine affair in police from an ordinary constable to the top officer. Arrest of people has become a business for them and there is no disparity between a minor and an elder,” the spokesman said.

“By mixing up the detention of criminals with the continuous detention and torture of  political prisoners in Kotbalwal and Ampala jails, the police has tried to cover-up the real issue,” he said.

The spokesman said that Jammu and Kashmir Police was no longer a “professional force as most of its top officers have developed vested interests.”

“They issue political statements, and in the race of proving themselves more loyal than the king have waged a war against their own people,” the spokesman said.

The amalgam also thanked people for observing “a complete strike and showing solidarity with political prisoners despite a viscous propaganda campaign by police.”

“In civilized nations, police stands for a force which protects the life, property and dignity of people and when a personal from this force encounters an ordinary human being, he politely says, “What can I do for you?”. However, in Jammu and Kashmir, the police stands for stick, gun and corruption and an ordinary man prays  to the Almighty to protect him from coming  across a policeman,” he said.

While thanking people for observing complete strike, Hurriyat said that its legal cell was in contact with legal experts to soon file a case against jail officer Rajni Sehgal of Kotbalwal and Mr Vinod of Amphala jails. “Unless all the detainees are not released and torture of detainees is not stopped, every step will be taken to highlight the issue,” the spokesman said.