Encounters ‘premeditated, cover ups’ in cases: Wikileaks

The United States Embassy in New Delhi informed Washington that while in the early years of insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir government forces “carried out fake encounters “to hide their mistakes”, there were cases where they were “clearly premeditated”.

“When Kashmir took the mantle of “hotbed of terrorism” from Punjab, it also began to assume a greater share of likely staged encounters,” the cable sent in 2006 read.

“In some cases of security forces killing civilians and subsequently claiming to have killed terrorists, we can assume the high operational tempo led to accidental deaths that the security officers staged after the fact, to cover up mistakes,” the cable titled “staged encounters a blemish for India” said.

“In some cases, however, the staged encounters were clearly premeditated. For staged encounters in J&K that have subsequently been investigated and charges levied against the perpetrators,” the cable sent as an unclassified document, said.