Bhim bats for Azad, says ‘fans of homosexuality agents of West’

Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has got support from Jammu Kashmir Panthers Party chairman Bhim Singh, who on Tuesday appreciated Azad saying, “fans of homosexuality are agents of western cultural invasion against India”.

Azad had described homosexuality as ‘dangerous disease’.

The Panthers Chief, who is fighting against this immoral act in Supreme Court, while congratulating Azad, said “Homosexuality is not only a disease but a highly immoral and shameful act which has been strictly forbidden under the command of every religion.”

He said, “Some of those who go to United States or Western countries get indoctrinated with the mischievous plots of the Western World to continue their aggression against the world’s greatest civilization which uphold the morality and cultural heritage dating back to million years.”

While quoting Sir William Johns (Pre-Independence Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court), who translated Shakuntla into English, he said, “When this great piece was composed the Britains were living in the age of Hanumanta.”

The Western cult of ‘man marrying a man’ and England and USA recognizing their marriages which speaks volumes about the cultural heritage and the civilization which Western World has adopted to themselves, Singh said.

“Shall father marry his son or a brother shall marry his brother or shall a grandson marry his grandfather. This is all rubbish and a cultural invasion against the civilizations of the East and can never be accepted in a civilized society,” he concluded.